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South Africa: Cape Cormorant in flight

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We help local environmental non-profit organizations in developing countries soar

We achieve this by providing critical capacity building training and grants


We visited inspiring environmental non-profit organizations in a number of developing countries and asked them what they needed to fulfill their mission.

They said that their support gaps existed in capacity building training and in non-program funding that would meet their critical strategic and operational needs.

We have also found in our 15 year experience supporting local environmental non-profit organizations in developing countries that they are just as bright, capable and hard working as anyone in the world.

They often just need to be provided with access to global best practices, coaching, technical training, third party testimony to develop strategic and donor relationships, and access to modest yet critical funding.

So we've listened to these dedicated and very capable people who are working hard to empower their communities to bring about environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Please see why we believe that we are unique in serving our constituents.

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