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We are focused

Capacity Building Training

In March 2015, Robert Loftur-Thun, ECF CEO, visited GEF SGP funded NGOs in South Africa and Namibia. After we visited these organizations, ECF requested and received concept notes from them, where they described their capacity building services needs, as well as direct funding needs. In August of this year, Irina Bright, ECF Director Southern Africa Programs, visited these NGOs in Namibia and South Africa to conduct a scope of work for their capacity building needs. In addition, in her visit with Dzomo la Mupo in South Africa, Ms. Bright conducted a grant writing workshop.

"On behalf of Dzomo la MUPO as the chairperson of Dzomo, I appreciated yesterday's workshop. We are very happy and feel motivated to see the future of Dzomo la Mupo." - Mpatheleni Makaulule

During our visits and conversations in Namibia and South Arica, it was evident that there is substantial demand for these capacity building workshops for Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and selected Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Namibia and South Africa.

ECF is working closely with the GEF Small Grants Program, and as part of our capacity building training services, ECF will deliver workshops in the next three years (2016-2018) in South Africa and Namibia for GEF SGP funded Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and appropriate larger Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) on the following topics:

  • Grant writing
  • Strategic/business planning
  • Fundraising
  • Ecotourism - Community Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Community partnership development
  • Ensuring and measuring impact through Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Book keeping to produce financial statements

Our approach is to distill and simplify these concepts to make them easily absorbed. These workshops will be free to the CBOs and NGOs. Contingent upon our fundraising efforts, we plan to return to South Africa in Spring and Summer 2016 to conduct our workshop programs. These workshops provide much needed capacity building for the organizations and their cost to ECF may be treated as a source of in-kind co-financing for the organizations with their grants from GEF SGP.


Partnership Development

In addition to capacity building training workshops, ECF provides critical partnership development support to the NGOs and CBOs we work with, including:

  • providing testimony and advocating to international donors in order to form new donor relationships
  • forming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Community partnerships
  • forming public-private sector partnerships for water, biodiversity, and ecotourism projects

We are also focused on the needs of another key ECF stakeholder group - our donors. We believe we offer our donors unique opportunities.

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